Matt’s Angle – Extract 1…Jesus picks his team

Posted: February 19, 2010 in The flippin Great news...Matt's angle
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So, this is an intro to a series on Matthew I’m gonna be starting. I say a series – its basically gonna be extracts of Matthew that I’m gonna post up here and then maybe comment on too.

Just to give you a heads up – the version I’m gonna be putting up is my ‘modern re-working’ of Matthew. A creative adaptation, not an actual Translation. This first extract is loosley based on Matt 4:18, looking at Jesus’ disciples…but with a bit of help from what we know elsewhere about Jesus team. First extract – check it out;


Jesus picks his team. He’s a rabbi, so who’s gonna be his apprentices? The one’s fresh out of bible college? Not quite – a few fishermen and a couple of tax collectors.


I have big respect for people who’ve done the theology degree thing, so this is not me slating them – it just shows Jesus isn’t all about picking the best of the best…he goes against the norm…he picks the ordinary, you and me. This encourages me, cos it just goes to show that Jesus isn’t the football team captain picking all the best players first, he’s not about the standards we put on our selves to be ‘good enough’. Truth is, none of us are ‘good enough’ but in him and through his grace, we’re all ‘good enough’. Make sense?


If Jesus was picking the first members of his team round 2000 years later, what sort would be in it?

My thoughts…a couple of shelf stackers and a car clamper.

What you think?

  1. pete westlake says:

    expense fiddling politicians, distoring journalists, and crooked cops are included in the team. Along with the biaised referee.
    So too the drunk, the homless, the asylum seeker the ill, injured and inconsequential.
    Unfortunately the bank manager’s appentice judas eventally gets a red card though!
    Best wishes, Pete

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