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Hope, what is hope? The definition of Hope is as broad as a German bodybuilder…sorry, that’s not a good image is it! What I mean to say is Hope is so many different things to so many people. But in actual fact, there is only one true Hope – he was born in a stable and died on a cross.

But last week we tried to show people this one true hope via actions, this is how we did it.

A weekend of selfless giving –

      painting – walls, fences, tunnels and people

      washing off graffity, mowing old ladies lawns

      fun days, fun days, fun days…

With morning sessions full of Dai Hankey passion;

A whole weekend of techie’s servanthood

And guest speakers – Pilavchi, Hawthorne, Kate and Nigel…giving the good news and people getting to know the big man upstairs for the first time.

Filled full of worship for the King

with some creative poetry and rap bits

and MC Hope running for PM

Good times, good times indeed.

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