Psweets to chew on – week 27th Sept

Posted: October 3, 2010 in 'Psweets'

Psweet 8

8.How immense is ur name through the stratosphere. U shaped solar systems with your fingers, who am I that u should even notice me? #psweets

(Thought – I bet the person who wrote this Psalm just had that ‘look up to the stars’ moment and it just took their breath away. It takes my breath away just to ponder on the fact we look to the same stars our ancestors gazed up to, but more than that…we marvel at the stars and it reminds us how small we are and how big God is. So, when we consider all his hands have crafted; from the nucleus of an atom to the numerous clusters of galaxies that surround us; it wows me even more to think he wants relationship with me…I mean who am I that he should even vaguely notice me? Lord, help us never forget how great you really are, give us glimpses through the vast beauty of your creation. And let it always point us back to you; for you are certainly more than worthy of all our praise.)


Psweet 9

   9. God’s a shelter for those downtrodden on, a safety net when nothing’s safe. He never forgets those who know him & search for him #psweets

(Thought – In the midst of life its great to remember that we always have our heavenly Father to turn to. He yearns for us to turn to him – first for our salvation through Jesus, and then through the everyday life of living out our faith. He is our ultimate security – and if we put our trust in him; he will never forget us. Lord, help us remember you are our safety net.)

Psweet 10

10.Where are u lord?I tried txtin but you’ve got no signal. The evil guy intimidates the weak.Come on Lord, stand up for the broken #psweets

(Thought – Sometimes it feels like he’s not listening. Sometimes it feels like he’s not answering back. Sometimes it feels like justice isn’t  being done. Lord, help us stand up for those who feel they have no voice. help us remember and in turn remind others; that you are always listening. Help us lord have faith in the fact that you are a righteous God, and that those who’ve had it rough on earth, that if they put their faith in you; will get their portion in heaven.)

Psweet 11

11. How can you say ‘leg it’ cos the bad guys are ammo’d to the teeth? God’s my hiding squat. As for the evil – he brings the rain. #psweets

(Thought – Christians worldwide face oppoition on a daily basis. I won’t pretend that my life’s been on the line because of my faith, in reality – I’m not even living in a rough neigbourhood. But there’s those in places like China and Iraq that face so much opposition. Lord, remind us that in all things, we can seek refuge in you. Let us choose the right side; not our own – but the side that’s in God, through Christ Jesus.)

Psweet 12

  12.Lord, S.O.S. Where have all the good guys gone? I’m surrounded by braggers& 2faced gossipers. Mute em Lord;zip their mouths shut #psweets

(Thought – Lord, help us to be the good guys. Those who stand up for your name, who worship you, and who use our lips not to put others down, or be dishonest but to speak with truth and love, in a holy and honourable way. A way that speaks of you, and does your name justice.)

  1. Cath Woolridge says:

    I love your psweets (without a silent P) Dafs! They inspire me so much. My Fav this week is psweet 8 because I know how you love the stars…love your heart and love you loads xx

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