Psweets to chew on; week 11th October

Posted: October 17, 2010 in 'Psweets'

Psalm 18

18.Lord, you’re my result to a lifetime supply of gym membership. You’re my solid ground to keep my feet sturdy #psweets

 Thought – I’m a phase kinda guy – Ask Cath and she’ll tell you I like to pursue things but when I miss a couple of opportunities to continue a pattern; that’s it, I blow it. Gym is a good example of this flaw in my character…one day around a year ago Cath and I found ourselves with an extra bob a month (I wouldn’t go far as to say ‘A few extra bob!’)…but still, exciting times. After weeks of praying and fasting (and white lying it seems) we came to the conclusion that I wanted to get into shape and Cath wanted what I wanted (or was it the other way round?)

So that’s what I did. I got a gym membership and a plush card which I had to swipe to get into the facilities. I would run on the treadmill, go bicep curling and be ashamed with the little weight I lifted on the bench pressing machine; amongst slurping between stations. Now, it went grand for a few weeks…but then I missed a couple of days here and there and it all went to pot. I knew I could still go, but mentally I had already admitted defeat and was griefing in my loss whilst relaxing eating what I liked, lazing in the comfort of my home.

Point is, if i had stuck at it…3 times a week, I’d be lifting a substantial amount more than I’d be lifting now. Dare I say it, I’d have strength. Now, with God…he is our strength. He sustians us, he gives us our daily bread…I just hope I have a better rythym and routine with him than I did with my gym membership. Lord, you are our strength, remind us so we don’t seek it from ourselves or other places…help us to gain the fullest from our membership with you, so we can know more how to live life with you and for you.


Psalm 19

19.May the syllables I pronounce, the ways I choose 2unwind & the stuff I fill my heart with; make you well happy when you see it #psweets

Thought Why do we so often blow it when we open our mouths…yes of course we can do so much good with our tongue, but why do we find ourselves shortly after saying something, think ‘why did you have to go and say that!?’ Whether its little digs at friends to laughing at other peoples expense behind their backs. But then, half the time, we don’t think we’re doin it until we really examine our hearts afterwards.

We have the option to be Barney’s…(not Stinsen’s, yellow animated drunkards or purple dinosaurs)…but apostle Paul’s mate – Barney. We have the opportunity to be encouraging. To speak truth in love and to egg others on. Not just that, but being an example to others of why this ‘God’ stuff is so big on our ‘to do list’. Not just that, but every syllable that comes out of our mouth is opportunity to worship God for all he is and all he’s done for us. I want my God to be well happy with what I speak, how I unwind and what state my heart is in…publicly and behind closed doors.

Lord, forgive us when we get selfish. Lord, forgive me when I get stuck in a rut.  Forgive me when the stuff I fill up on, loses you as my focus. Let my faith not go stale and mouldy. But when I live it, let ALL aspects of my life make you well happy when you see it; Amen.


Psalm 20

20.Let the name badge of Jake’s almighty look out 4u &have your back. May the Lord sign off &make investments in all your proposals #psweets

Thought – Jacob is Israel; God’s chosen people. We are the new Israel…we who choose God are God’s chosen people. And the name badge – the name of the lord. Where better to be, than knowing that HE has our back. Its like what Paul said…with God for us, who can be against us?’ Let us take our dreams and our desires to him in Trinity Den…let our proposals align with his perfect will. And then, in him, let ’em happen!


Psalm 21

21.Lord! The King gives you all the credit for the victories. He shouts about your power and your capabilities #psweets

 ThoughtWhen we win, let you get the credit. When we succeed, let it be for your glory. Let us never get arrogant to think we did it in our strength. Remind us that you deserve all our praise, and let us therefore be in the business of bigging up your name.


Psalm 22

22.God –why have u turned your back on me?I’m running empty,my bones are dislocated. Our Dad’s trusted u & u delivered. Come quick #psweets

Thought – As I keep coming to these sorts of passages, the more and more I feel how unworthy I am to relate. Its alright for me to say…

‘Alright Job, just have a little faith mate!’ …

But what good does that do? Its easy for the sunshine to say to the clouds, ‘hey, why so gloomy…look on the bright side’…but its foolish. When all is well, let us bask in your goodness. But when all is not, when we’re really feeling it, let us let it out with you God. Let it be a process, and at the end of that process, let us see you for who you really are…a God of great mercy and compassion. And a God who aches, when we ache. I pray these are not just words from my part, but are backed up with reality when I’m really ‘in the pits’.  And let us not get arrogant when we think we’ve got life sussed.

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