Psweets to chew on; week 25th October

Posted: October 31, 2010 in 'Psweets'

Psalm 28 V7

28.God is 2me what spinach was 2Popeye. He’s my bulletproof vest. I trust him &he sorts me out;so now my heart beats to party music #psweets

Thought –  A-ga-ga-ga-ga…I’m Popeye the Sailor man…I did love Pop-eye; when he eats spinach he reminds me of myself after I’ve been working the guns with a pen and paper, or when I’ve felt the deep burn after a hardcore workout session following cath around primark…dozens of shopping bags!! But like the sailor man finds sustinence in greens, our sustince comes from God. He is our sustinence…give us this day our daily bread…he’s our daily bread, he’s everything we need to keep going; emotionally, spiritually – fully. Challenge us Lord, to fully fill up on you, because you are our strength when we’ve got nothing left, and forgive us for when we go solo and end up down in reserves. Help us trust that we are yours, that our names are written on your hands. And let our soul party because we know, turely know – that we are kept by the Almighty Father. Amen.


Psalm 29

29.His vocal chords are like a mighty storm. Like a quake off the Richter scale. He speaks like thunder& strikes like lightning #psweets

Thought  – So, the side of God that nobody wants to get nitty gritty on; unless your looking for someone to blame when life gets complicated. But God somehow is so many contardictions but not at the same time. He is all loving and fully forgiving, yet a God of wrath who “hates” sin…not like we “hate” marmite…but he fully despises it. Same here – somehow we worship both a God of might and aweomse power, yet a God who became an ickle baby in a crib. God is mighty…and I want to stay on his good side! Let us be awe struck by your might, and bowled over by your power.


Psalm 30

 30.I’m gonna elevate u Lord cos you pulled me out of trouble. When I was in a mess, I called you, you picked up and made me healthy #psweets

Thought  – We can always turn to God. No matter how rough we are, or however much of a hole we’re in. If we’re in danger, or stuck in a rutt – we can always turn to him. Help us Lord, full on turn to you. Amen.


Psalm 31

 31.God looks after those not short of faith,but he lets the arrogant have what’s coming to them.So if you’re banking on God;chin up #psweets

Thought – The conversations I’ve had with friends and family over the years on my faith…ultimately faith seems to be one of the biggest barriers. ‘If God did exist, then why this or how come that?’ ‘How can you dedicate a whole life to a God you can’t prove exists?’ But the truth is, though I feel it in my gut and know it in my heart – though I have a relationship with God; I can’t “prove”…but if I could, wouldn’t it be defeating the point? If we could prove God, the choice element goes out the window. And we need to make that choice, choose God or not. I’m making that choice…what about you? Lord, you us tell that faith as small as a mustard seed can move mountains…help us have faith as big as this.


Psalm 32

32.I didn’t cover up my sin; I put my hands up and confessed. You let me off the hook and gave me a guilt free conscience #psweets

 Thought – When Jesus gace us life up for us on that tree – he substitued in the place of us…the price we should’ve paid, he paid…so sin was dealt with, paid in full; ‘it is finished’. So, in Christ this is our life…filled with forgiveness and showered in complete and utterly abundent and beautiful grace. Thankyou Lord, for your love that paid my debt in full…thankyou for letting me off the hook, constantly. In you I am sanctified, but help me to live a holy and honourable life. Amen.

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