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This is something scholars have argued over for centuries; Asda or Tesco.

¬†‘Asda’; derived from the greek word ‘Asdai’ which literally translates¬†to ‘good value for money’ is most certainly one of the biggest competitors in retail food over the past decade.¬†

Then there’s¬† ‘Tesco;¬†which currently has no¬†clear translation…however Tesco have stated¬†they will invest 0.000001% of their net¬†profit into¬†researching the root-word translation…well it may not be much but then ‘every little helps’.

Of course there are other shops and stores on the super-market who contend for our loyalty and some of which succeed, such as…

Morrisons –¬†fresh faces and celebrity food,

the slightly erotic flavours of M & S food

Oh and there’s the place Jamie Oliver buys his chopped tomatoes,

And waitrose of course, where security¬†escort you from the premises¬†and accuse you of stealing, if you’re shopping bill doesn’t exceed several hundred pound.

Heck, even Ikea’s swedish meatballs get a look in when we go flatpack on furniture.

But for some reason when¬†I hear the words ‘quality food and shopping trolleys’¬†Asda and Tesco¬†are the stores that immediately spring to mind. For me, I was always¬†a Tesco man – what can I say? I enjoyed the thrill of swiping my very own clubcard, I felt like it gave me an incredible dose of power…it didn’t, just clubcard points. But every so often when I made that trip down to the postbox and¬†spotted a tesco letter, it¬†filled my heart with glee and my wallett with vouchers, NOT to be spent in store unless you favour redeeming a mere quarter of the full potential voucher.

Yes indeed, I was a Tesco veterin…they even gave me a medal of bravery for fighting off an elderly lady and her attempt to bag the last¬†cabonara in the reduced items¬†section,¬†as she used her zimmerframe to an unfair advantage. Its an absolute honour having the medal, I’d love to keep it, though they tell me if I exchange it online I can¬†get up¬†to four times the value. For all these reasons, Tesco will carry a warm fuzzy feeling in my heart, one of which could only be topped by my wedding day.

Well, all until I wake up from my romanticed version of the story and smell the truth of life. You see, somewhere, somehow I suppressed all those feelings and emotions that broke my heart. I forget¬†the times my budget got an absolute hammering, just because Cath wanted a couple extra satsumas, or when I put unleaded in a diesel van…every little helps? Not when its the wrong fuel it doesn’t TESCO!!

And it is then that I see Asda, the American superstore with a British face and it is here that my debit card feels truely happy. Yes, I can worry no more for fear of passing out at the checkout, as my body shuts down after one glance of the ‘total price’. I can order some fresh pizza and even choose the toppings of my choice AND¬†I can tap my bum twice and hear the sweet melody of loose change rustle round inside my pocket and proclaim the modern day proverb…‘that’s Asda price.’

Ok, so as you guys probably know last week was all about raising money for Going Public…heck I even climbed snowdon! But here is me making a nicer little earner for GP in Cardiff City centre to some lovely old ladies. I asked if i could serenade them, they said give us a song in welsh so i sang calon lan akapella and then busted out some max boyce. I know it looked like they left pretty sharpish but they said they had a ‘bus’ to catch…for the sake of my slef esteem i believed them!

Here’s me making a fool of myself…enjoy

The guitar singing gasser

p.s. check out the woman who joins in on “fathers”…she cracks me up proper time.