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So, last week I posted up ‘Ickle King of the Crib’, a poem on the absolute divinity of an ickle baby; who is in fact the whole point of Christmas. Here I have another poem I wrote recently and am currently performing in the build up to Christmas at CU’s and carol services.

Check it out…

X marks the spot

It marks the spot of x-tra curricular festive activities

Sky plus put to good use and cases full of DVD box-X.


X-factor marks the spot

With Geordie Cole

Cowell’s wink

‘You have arrived’ Monogue

And louey’s class acts that go very nice with crackers and wine

(you know; ‘cheese’)

While everyone’s talking about who’s going to mark the X-mas no.1 spot.



X-box 360…live marks the spot –

With X-ilerating game play – (only £239 this X-mas!)


X marks the spot…mas

X mas tree with fairy lights and Games n’ prezzies on the floor,

With Mulled wine, monster truck toys, Marketing ploys, and Mistletoe


X marks X-cruciatingly bad Christmas cracker jokes

And paper hats and a false moustache with the small screwdrivers which you swear will come in handy every year but are in the bin before you can say ‘the only fools and horses Christmas special is on the telly!’


X marks the carol singing spot

With ‘we wish you a merry X-mas and a happy new year’

And so, come 25th of December

X-mas marks the spot…mas.


And even though a name (that shall remain nameless) was swapped for X,

This ‘X’ was marked on a cross

And this ‘X’ took my spot

But let’s not say it

Lets just say ‘X’

After all, X wouldn’t want to make anyone feel X-tremely ve-X’d, nor even slightly uncomfortable,

X would rather just stay quiet in the background this X-mas

And its ok – X understands…

Saying…’Christ’ at X-mas…

It’s a bit politically incorr-X



Justice (long version, requested by Ed Hodge); – Back in February 2010, I posted a poem up on Justice. It was the beginning of a new year and at the time it was more like a new years resolution. Afterwards, Ignite were doing a theme on ‘Justice’ so I adapted it to be a poem in worship. With some tweaks here and there, this is the version. I hope you enjoy, but more so, I hope it inspires you to be souled out for big guy in the clouds…me included.


I want to be hooked on Justice

Who’s obsessed with selfless giving

A man who never goes cold turkey on faith


I wanna be hooked on justice

I wanna see a time when church loves to live

And lives to love


I don’t want to be comfortable

I wanna be gut wrenchingly on fire for God


To get laid out to self

And to be made up in Jesus


No longer comfortable

But immersed in his love and compassion

And never ending forgiveness.


To be led by the spirit

To be uncomfortable


Let us fight the western virus

Of self centred-ism,


No more self satisfaction

No more self serving

But more self gratification in serving others


I want to see justice

In this place, That place

And that place next to this place

In the place of my gripes where everything’s all about me.


More restoration

More loving thy neighbour

who ever they are.


Less being about the problem

And more being apart of the solution.


No more degrees of separation

Where others misfortunes are but a sigh in the 6 o clock news slot

Or a £5 direct debit to fix our conscience clot.


But more God

More of you

And less of us

More of you in us.


More God

More of you

And less of us

More of you in us

With us

And give us

your strength to do your will to see your kingdom come


Live in us

The centre of us

As we surrender us

to your authority.


More your kingdom come

More of hope

No, wait – more belief in the hope you have to offer

So more of your hope we filter to others


The hope that transforms lives

And saves souls


More of you

More of you

And less of us

Less of us – passing the buck onto you


But more

More of us

Living for more of you



Let people reside in you

Find their hope in you

Let them confide in and set aside time to the King of all Kings

Cos you deal with our sin

And major in forgiving.





Ickle King of the crib

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Seeing as its Christmas I love to put pen to paper and find new ways of communicating our brilliant saviour to a world who are willing to listen (once a year in particular).

Here is the one I did last year, and its actually one of my favourites. Check it out…

The ickle King of the Crib

Let me tell you of the Ickle King of the Crib. 

The ickle King of the Crib

Was before

Before the offset set off

Before matter even mattered


He was the chief executive of Existence

He was the Architect who designed the plans for the Grand Canyon

And the Structural Engineer who made it happen within a week,

He even gave the planning permission.


The King of the crib

Became ickle, small and so vulnerable

He didn’t have enough strength in his neck muscles to hold his head up.

He became freckles, moles, beauty spots and earlobes.

The King of the Crib became human; fully.

But still King over creation; fully.



The king of the Crib

Lived and breathed so we can breath in new life

A fresh start,

A clean Etch-a-sketch


He was before

Is during

And will be ever after


Cos the ickle King in the crib

By the donkey

And the prezzies

With the Shepherds

And their tea-towels,

Was just the beginning.

Scene 1 on earth


The ickle King of the Crib grew up

He was complete compassion

Not just born into birth

But dedicated to death…and beyond.

His sufficient sacrifice sorted my sin

As the Saviour sought after my heart.



So the Ickle King of the Crib

Became King over death

King over my sin

King of my life

King Eternal.


Jesus, King of the Crib

Jesus, The King of my heart.



When I say sweets, I bet the first item of confectionary which comes into your head is wine gums, either that or fruit pastels. And if I’m wrong, then no sweets for me.

But unfortunately, this post isn’t really about sweets at all – its not even about jelly babies or those lollypops you dip in a bag of lemon sherbet. This post is more of an introduction into a writing project of mine which I started working on over the summer, and ‘Psweets’ (spoken with a silent ‘p’) is what I’m deciding to call it. In a nutshell, ‘Psweets’ are psalm tweets.

I’ve been quite inspired by the challenge twitter gives in getting whatever you want to say down to 140 characters or less (including spaces). I’ve also been quite inspired by Gerard Kelly’s ‘twittergies‘ where he uses the twitter format to create personal liturgies.

And so over the summer I thought of a new project…tweeting psalms…one tweet for one psalm. Of course, I wouldn’t be able to fit a whole psalm into a tweet (I’m already looking forward to Psalm 119!) but I can take a couple of verses from it that stood out to me, I can try and catch the essence of the Psalm, and instead of cutting and pasting from bible gateway I thought I could try and re-word the psalms in my poetic conversational style.

Not only has it already been a challenge to me creatively, but it’s been fantastic going through the psalms and join the faith journey of highs and lows with the likes of King David. It’s spiritually edifying, but then its going to be because it’s meditating on God’s word.

It assures me that I don’t have to be a constant cloud number nine Christian where it’s a sin to be anything other than ecstatic and enthusiastic. It reminds me how in awe I should be of my heavenly Father, of how much love and grace he shows us, yet how we should not forget to fear him also. And along with these, it also re-jogs my memory of how it’s always been about a personal relationship with him, even before incarnate Jesus.

So that being said, my hope for these psalm tweets is not that they take over Scripture. I don’t profess to be a Hebrew Scholar like Eugene Peterson with ‘The Message’, but I have a heart to re-connect with God’s word and not get lost in translation. I don’t claim that these ‘psweets’ are ‘God’s word’, but I hope if anything, they help give snip bits and a fresh perspective on the psalms we’re reading. 

My plan of attack is to ‘psweet’ five days a week; Monday to Friday and then re-cap the ‘psweets’ on my blog over the weekend. To follow my ‘psweets’; click here

End gass – but begin ‘psweet’


Guys – This is something I wrote for a performance that never got used. I completely forgot about it, but happened to stumble across it the other day. It’s the Gospel through a toll bridge….

The Jesus Bridge

‘There’s one way to live by

And there’s one way to live for

Motorway to the Jesus bridge

The only way to the heavenly road.

But don’t fret,

You know you’re aloud over if you’ve got the right change or not

Cos the fee for the entry toll’s been crossed off,

and the money’s been paid in full.


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Its been a long time hasn’t it? Its been a pretty busy week – including Ignite on Sunday evening. Recently i’ve been experimenting with speaking poetry as part of worship. I’ve had the chance of doing this in ignite and feel it works. I’m very much on a journey with it – but its definately something i want to pursue further. Some people would say psalms are song, others poetry, I think its a cry from the heart, words from the soul, its a journal of thoughts and emotions. For me, its poetry. And i want to try and fuse it with communal sung worship.

I wrote a poem on Justice that we fused with the worship song ‘This is our God’.

Justice is something that’s really been on my heart over the last few months. There is going to be a day when justice is everywhere, no suffering, no sin, nothing but paradise with God. But until that day comes, he calls us to live for him. To change communities, and see God’s kingdom come. Shane Claiborne is inspirational on this stuff…but my constant challenge is, its not just writing the words, its living it out.

Anywho – if your up for it…here’s an extract from the poem


I want to be hooked on Justice

Who’s obsessed with self giving

A man who never goes cold turkey on faith

I wanna be hooked on justice

I wanna see a time when church loves to live

And lives to love

I don’t want to be comfortable

I wanna be gut wrenchingly on fire for God

To get laid out to self

And to be made up in Jesus

No longer comfortable

But immersed in his love and compassion

And never ending forgiveness.

To be led by the spirit

To be uncomfortable

Director of the respiratory system

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There are so many ways to describe God, his love, compassion, his Soverignity and Almighty…ness. His mystery, his desire for relationship and closeness with me, you and that other guy. Here’s a poem trying to describe the God who simply cannot be described.

Anyway, in the midst of so much turmoil and disaster that surrounds Haitu, I know its easier for me to sit here and type about a God who is ‘so great’.  But still, I find comfort in him and do so hope, those hurting in ways I cannot understand will find rest with him also. I might not understand what they’re going through – but he does.

So here it goes; a poem describing God…(in the knowledge that it doesn’t come close to doing him justice)

See full size image








He is the director of the respiratory system,

He is the producer of the gravitational pull,

He’s the head mechanic of metaphysics,


He’s not just the mathematician who invented numbers

He’s the mathematician who invented some guy called Pythagoras who put two and two together. (Not that it’s challenging though, I hear it’s easy as a, b, c…squared)


He is the oracle who…knows what he’s talking about

He is the artist who no-one can brush up against

Or paint in a bad picture that is truly reflective.


He’s the musician of the symphony of existence,

He is the chief engineer of all things good,

He’s the composer of the constellations,

And he is so so much more than this limited intellect can fathom…


The poet of the deepest, most soul quenching verse and prose that has ever and will ever be written.


Almighty Lover –

I don’t know about you

but I wanna go his way over any other.