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I came across this when Cath and I went back to our old home church at Ammanford, where we grew up and got majorly invested in. This video is a promo of Joshua Harris’ latest book ‘Dug down deep’. It really inspired me, and I love the mindset this guy has on theology. The fact is, that the core of theology is trying to understand the beauty of our living ‘Trinitarian God’; studying him like we study a sunset. Enjoy.

So, a little while ago I got commissioned to produce some short dvd clips for EA Wales (That’s not the same as EA sports, its ‘Evangelical Alliance’…its in the game).

The whole cencept is a  ‘moc-umentary’ where we enter the life of local welsh church pastor John Williams. This is the introductory clip where we see what an average church service with John looks like.

All this said…welcome to the one man church

Captured by Gav Owen

Edited by Justin Chaloner

Actors; Sharon Gardiner, Mike Barnes, Hannah Collins, Gav Owen, Becki Martin

Written, Produced, Directed and Performed by Dai Woolridge; Going Public Theatre Company

(Watched by you…hopefully)


My last blog update before the tour…you might have seen it on facebook or vimeo but here it is on the gassing hairy welshman!

A big thanks to the ignite techies for helping me put it together.

So here it is – MC Hope, pre election…Enjoy.

some of you may have heard me bang on about MC Hope, so for your viewing pleasure, here is the delegate of HOPE 2010…enjoy

Guys, check this out – I flipping love it. 🙂

Ok, so as you guys probably know last week was all about raising money for Going Public…heck I even climbed snowdon! But here is me making a nicer little earner for GP in Cardiff City centre to some lovely old ladies. I asked if i could serenade them, they said give us a song in welsh so i sang calon lan akapella and then busted out some max boyce. I know it looked like they left pretty sharpish but they said they had a ‘bus’ to catch…for the sake of my slef esteem i believed them!

Here’s me making a fool of myself…enjoy

The guitar singing gasser

p.s. check out the woman who joins in on “fathers”…she cracks me up proper time.

The corners of the coffee shop

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This is just a bit of fun…have a guess which one (or two) I’d be?