Psalm 28 V7

28.God is 2me what spinach was 2Popeye. He’s my bulletproof vest. I trust him &he sorts me out;so now my heart beats to party music #psweets

Thought –  A-ga-ga-ga-ga…I’m Popeye the Sailor man…I did love Pop-eye; when he eats spinach he reminds me of myself after I’ve been working the guns with a pen and paper, or when I’ve felt the deep burn after a hardcore workout session following cath around primark…dozens of shopping bags!! But like the sailor man finds sustinence in greens, our sustince comes from God. He is our sustinence…give us this day our daily bread…he’s our daily bread, he’s everything we need to keep going; emotionally, spiritually – fully. Challenge us Lord, to fully fill up on you, because you are our strength when we’ve got nothing left, and forgive us for when we go solo and end up down in reserves. Help us trust that we are yours, that our names are written on your hands. And let our soul party because we know, turely know – that we are kept by the Almighty Father. Amen.


Psalm 29

29.His vocal chords are like a mighty storm. Like a quake off the Richter scale. He speaks like thunder& strikes like lightning #psweets

Thought  – So, the side of God that nobody wants to get nitty gritty on; unless your looking for someone to blame when life gets complicated. But God somehow is so many contardictions but not at the same time. He is all loving and fully forgiving, yet a God of wrath who “hates” sin…not like we “hate” marmite…but he fully despises it. Same here – somehow we worship both a God of might and aweomse power, yet a God who became an ickle baby in a crib. God is mighty…and I want to stay on his good side! Let us be awe struck by your might, and bowled over by your power.


Psalm 30

 30.I’m gonna elevate u Lord cos you pulled me out of trouble. When I was in a mess, I called you, you picked up and made me healthy #psweets

Thought  – We can always turn to God. No matter how rough we are, or however much of a hole we’re in. If we’re in danger, or stuck in a rutt – we can always turn to him. Help us Lord, full on turn to you. Amen.


Psalm 31

 31.God looks after those not short of faith,but he lets the arrogant have what’s coming to them.So if you’re banking on God;chin up #psweets

Thought – The conversations I’ve had with friends and family over the years on my faith…ultimately faith seems to be one of the biggest barriers. ‘If God did exist, then why this or how come that?’ ‘How can you dedicate a whole life to a God you can’t prove exists?’ But the truth is, though I feel it in my gut and know it in my heart – though I have a relationship with God; I can’t “prove”…but if I could, wouldn’t it be defeating the point? If we could prove God, the choice element goes out the window. And we need to make that choice, choose God or not. I’m making that choice…what about you? Lord, you us tell that faith as small as a mustard seed can move mountains…help us have faith as big as this.


Psalm 32

32.I didn’t cover up my sin; I put my hands up and confessed. You let me off the hook and gave me a guilt free conscience #psweets

 Thought – When Jesus gace us life up for us on that tree – he substitued in the place of us…the price we should’ve paid, he paid…so sin was dealt with, paid in full; ‘it is finished’. So, in Christ this is our life…filled with forgiveness and showered in complete and utterly abundent and beautiful grace. Thankyou Lord, for your love that paid my debt in full…thankyou for letting me off the hook, constantly. In you I am sanctified, but help me to live a holy and honourable life. Amen.

Psalm 23

23. Though I take a stroll through the most devastating landscapes where ‘life’ is past tense– I’m not shaking cos you got my back #psweets

Thought – Probably the most famous psalm there is (and reason for it), its beautiful. I love how God is for his children, how he looks out for us, even when we don’t deserve it. I love that no matter how big we perceive evil and darkness, or how much credit we give to Satan and his power…no matter, God always is and always will be so much more. More love, more divine, more almighty. We have a living relationship with Father God…and he’s got our back. Wow. Lord, let us be encouraged that you are for us. And  help us trust in the fact that you have our back.

Psalm 24

24.Who’s the King? The real King? Who’s the King of immeasurable and inconceivable glory? None other than the ‘Lord God Almighty’ #psweets

 Thought – Let’s not forget who the real King is. The real King lived and then didn’t, but then did – so now I surely can. He’s the real King…and becasue of him, I’m a citizen of heaven. Because of you, we have a passport that gets us through the pearly gates. Thankyou King, for showing us what real power and authority looks like…complete sacrifice, from a completely beautiful creator.


Psalm 25 

25.I’m all ears Lord. You’re the master, I’m the pupil. You’re Yoda, I’m Skywalker. Navigate &educate me in ‘the force’; your truth #psweets

 Thought – Help us learn from you Lord. Help us realize what your trying to teach us, to know it and apply it. And forgive us when we think we know best.


Psalm 26 

26.Keep on top of me Lord, do regular check-ups on my heart, thoughts and motives. See that my actions are in the clear #psweets

 Thought – Sometimes we do good. But the frustrating this is, that even when we do good, half the time its not for the right reasons. Well, maybe I can’t speak for everyone, but for myself at least. At first, I think it is for the right reason, but when I reflect back – it’s something good for my gain. To go up in someone else’s books, or to sound like I know what I’m talking about when it comes to spirituality. Whatever it is, my sinful nature still manages to find away to bring it back to me. So, Father God – forgive me when I make it about me, even when I’m trying to make it about you. Check my motives lord, examine my thought processes…and may they re-align with your will. Amen.

Psalm 27 

27.God saves me– why do I get scared?He holds my life –why should I get nervous? All I ask4 is eternity of marvelling at his beauty #psweets

Thought That’s what it takes to marvel at God’s beauty – nothing short of eternity. And we were made to marvel…designed to deeply worship. I love that last verse from Amazing Grace; –

when we’ve been here 10,000 years,

bright shiningas the sun,

we’ve no less days to sing God’s praise,

then when we’ve first begun.


Psalm 18

18.Lord, you’re my result to a lifetime supply of gym membership. You’re my solid ground to keep my feet sturdy #psweets

 Thought – I’m a phase kinda guy – Ask Cath and she’ll tell you I like to pursue things but when I miss a couple of opportunities to continue a pattern; that’s it, I blow it. Gym is a good example of this flaw in my character…one day around a year ago Cath and I found ourselves with an extra bob a month (I wouldn’t go far as to say ‘A few extra bob!’)…but still, exciting times. After weeks of praying and fasting (and white lying it seems) we came to the conclusion that I wanted to get into shape and Cath wanted what I wanted (or was it the other way round?)

So that’s what I did. I got a gym membership and a plush card which I had to swipe to get into the facilities. I would run on the treadmill, go bicep curling and be ashamed with the little weight I lifted on the bench pressing machine; amongst slurping between stations. Now, it went grand for a few weeks…but then I missed a couple of days here and there and it all went to pot. I knew I could still go, but mentally I had already admitted defeat and was griefing in my loss whilst relaxing eating what I liked, lazing in the comfort of my home.

Point is, if i had stuck at it…3 times a week, I’d be lifting a substantial amount more than I’d be lifting now. Dare I say it, I’d have strength. Now, with God…he is our strength. He sustians us, he gives us our daily bread…I just hope I have a better rythym and routine with him than I did with my gym membership. Lord, you are our strength, remind us so we don’t seek it from ourselves or other places…help us to gain the fullest from our membership with you, so we can know more how to live life with you and for you.


Psalm 19

19.May the syllables I pronounce, the ways I choose 2unwind & the stuff I fill my heart with; make you well happy when you see it #psweets

Thought Why do we so often blow it when we open our mouths…yes of course we can do so much good with our tongue, but why do we find ourselves shortly after saying something, think ‘why did you have to go and say that!?’ Whether its little digs at friends to laughing at other peoples expense behind their backs. But then, half the time, we don’t think we’re doin it until we really examine our hearts afterwards.

We have the option to be Barney’s…(not Stinsen’s, yellow animated drunkards or purple dinosaurs)…but apostle Paul’s mate – Barney. We have the opportunity to be encouraging. To speak truth in love and to egg others on. Not just that, but being an example to others of why this ‘God’ stuff is so big on our ‘to do list’. Not just that, but every syllable that comes out of our mouth is opportunity to worship God for all he is and all he’s done for us. I want my God to be well happy with what I speak, how I unwind and what state my heart is in…publicly and behind closed doors.

Lord, forgive us when we get selfish. Lord, forgive me when I get stuck in a rut.  Forgive me when the stuff I fill up on, loses you as my focus. Let my faith not go stale and mouldy. But when I live it, let ALL aspects of my life make you well happy when you see it; Amen.


Psalm 20

20.Let the name badge of Jake’s almighty look out 4u &have your back. May the Lord sign off &make investments in all your proposals #psweets

Thought – Jacob is Israel; God’s chosen people. We are the new Israel…we who choose God are God’s chosen people. And the name badge – the name of the lord. Where better to be, than knowing that HE has our back. Its like what Paul said…with God for us, who can be against us?’ Let us take our dreams and our desires to him in Trinity Den…let our proposals align with his perfect will. And then, in him, let ’em happen!


Psalm 21

21.Lord! The King gives you all the credit for the victories. He shouts about your power and your capabilities #psweets

 ThoughtWhen we win, let you get the credit. When we succeed, let it be for your glory. Let us never get arrogant to think we did it in our strength. Remind us that you deserve all our praise, and let us therefore be in the business of bigging up your name.


Psalm 22

22.God –why have u turned your back on me?I’m running empty,my bones are dislocated. Our Dad’s trusted u & u delivered. Come quick #psweets

Thought – As I keep coming to these sorts of passages, the more and more I feel how unworthy I am to relate. Its alright for me to say…

‘Alright Job, just have a little faith mate!’ …

But what good does that do? Its easy for the sunshine to say to the clouds, ‘hey, why so gloomy…look on the bright side’…but its foolish. When all is well, let us bask in your goodness. But when all is not, when we’re really feeling it, let us let it out with you God. Let it be a process, and at the end of that process, let us see you for who you really are…a God of great mercy and compassion. And a God who aches, when we ache. I pray these are not just words from my part, but are backed up with reality when I’m really ‘in the pits’.  And let us not get arrogant when we think we’ve got life sussed.

Psweets to chew on; week 4th October

Posted: October 10, 2010 in 'Psweets'

Psweet 13

13.God, stop playing hide &seek; its not fun anymore. I’m anxious and depressed, though I trust in your love & love your salvation. #psweets

Thought – I don’t always feel incredibly close to God, but I know that’s not his doing, its mine. Its my choice to spend quality time with him; to chat to him, and to learn from him…its up to me to put in the time. I know for me, when I’m feeling distant from God, its because I’m the one thats hiding. Lord – remind us that you are the best person for us to spend our time with.

Psweet 14

 14. God scans men, trying to find some who get him, or some who are looking – but they’re not about. None. #psweets

 Thought – Help us be holy and honourable in our lifestyle. Help us be salt and light…help us Lord to show others why you’re worth getting; help us to point them in the right direction…and that you are it.


Psweet 15

15.Lord, who can get close 2your hang out spot?He who lives life wisely, makes the right choice &keeps his word; even when it hurts #psweets

Thought – Help us to live wisely – to live in a way pleasing to you God. Help us make the right choices; whatever choice we make let our motives be right, and ultimately let it bring you glory. Help us Lord, to let our yes be yes, and our no be no; even when it means we put ourselves in the firing line…

Psweet 16

16.I’m giving much love to the Lord who listens, guides and gets me. He’s my no.1 priority. It’s my life &he’s in the driving seat #psweets

Thought – there’s no better place to be than second in our lives…to let God be first. It is incredibly difficult to not want all our needs met, and all our dreams, hopes and aspirations to be fulfilled. Its not wrong to want; but when he’s the priority and the number 1 – when we’re fixed on living for him, and seeking his truth through scripture and prayer; what we want is going to be what he wants. There’s nothing wrong with dreams, and God knows the longings of our heart, and a lot of the time – he makes them happen. We just need the right perspective…God first, us second. So help us Lord, to make you priority in our lives – let it be you first and us second.


Psweet 17

17.Lord, put my life under the telescope– c that I’m not malicious in gossip,that I stay out of trouble. Hear me &show me your love #psweets

Thought – Help us Lord not to take you for granted just because we have freedom in you, from sin. Help us Lord not to mutate our understanding of your grace, by living in sin because we know we’re saved by it anyway. Helps us Lord, to know your grace as fully as our human minds can fathom it, and help us Lord to live a life transformed as we remember what you did for us on that cross. Amen.




I just wanted to give you a heads up on what’s happening with Dai & Cath Woolridge/Going Public Theatre Company/Glenwood at present. I will hit the news to you in bullet point format for that extra kick of business like agenda…

  • If you’re not already aware most of my blogging/tweet time is spent up with #psweets, (psalm tweets; silent ‘p’) where I’m going through the psalms and tweeting one a day via twitter and re-capping on the blog over the weekend. I’m loving this at the minute and very much appreciate the positive responce. If you want you can follow me on twitter…


  • Next Imagine is on in Glenwood on the 16th October…it’s a creative conference hosting Gerard Kelly; the author of twittergies, poet, church leader and international speaker. Its going to be a great day expressing how we can be creative in the church; and so we’re not ‘all mouth, no trousers’; we’ll also be showcasing some ‘creativity’ in the evening. This will include  me performing my latest show ‘The Tentmaker’; (also known as ”The Campmaker’… ‘The Tentfitter’…’and ‘The guy who puts up a gazebo for a living’). For more info click here


  • ThenCath will be launching her second album in the Gate on 10th December ; an album of welsh hymns revamped…its gonna be ‘gwych!’


  • And not forgetting – January and Febraury; Cath and I will be touring; she will be taking her album on the road and I will be RE-touring ‘The Tentmaker’. If you’re interested in having us, get in touch now!

That’s me out;

Cheers – ‘The Gasser’

Psweet 8

8.How immense is ur name through the stratosphere. U shaped solar systems with your fingers, who am I that u should even notice me? #psweets

(Thought – I bet the person who wrote this Psalm just had that ‘look up to the stars’ moment and it just took their breath away. It takes my breath away just to ponder on the fact we look to the same stars our ancestors gazed up to, but more than that…we marvel at the stars and it reminds us how small we are and how big God is. So, when we consider all his hands have crafted; from the nucleus of an atom to the numerous clusters of galaxies that surround us; it wows me even more to think he wants relationship with me…I mean who am I that he should even vaguely notice me? Lord, help us never forget how great you really are, give us glimpses through the vast beauty of your creation. And let it always point us back to you; for you are certainly more than worthy of all our praise.)


Psweet 9

   9. God’s a shelter for those downtrodden on, a safety net when nothing’s safe. He never forgets those who know him & search for him #psweets

(Thought – In the midst of life its great to remember that we always have our heavenly Father to turn to. He yearns for us to turn to him – first for our salvation through Jesus, and then through the everyday life of living out our faith. He is our ultimate security – and if we put our trust in him; he will never forget us. Lord, help us remember you are our safety net.)

Psweet 10

10.Where are u lord?I tried txtin but you’ve got no signal. The evil guy intimidates the weak.Come on Lord, stand up for the broken #psweets

(Thought – Sometimes it feels like he’s not listening. Sometimes it feels like he’s not answering back. Sometimes it feels like justice isn’t  being done. Lord, help us stand up for those who feel they have no voice. help us remember and in turn remind others; that you are always listening. Help us lord have faith in the fact that you are a righteous God, and that those who’ve had it rough on earth, that if they put their faith in you; will get their portion in heaven.)

Psweet 11

11. How can you say ‘leg it’ cos the bad guys are ammo’d to the teeth? God’s my hiding squat. As for the evil – he brings the rain. #psweets

(Thought – Christians worldwide face oppoition on a daily basis. I won’t pretend that my life’s been on the line because of my faith, in reality – I’m not even living in a rough neigbourhood. But there’s those in places like China and Iraq that face so much opposition. Lord, remind us that in all things, we can seek refuge in you. Let us choose the right side; not our own – but the side that’s in God, through Christ Jesus.)

Psweet 12

  12.Lord, S.O.S. Where have all the good guys gone? I’m surrounded by braggers& 2faced gossipers. Mute em Lord;zip their mouths shut #psweets

(Thought – Lord, help us to be the good guys. Those who stand up for your name, who worship you, and who use our lips not to put others down, or be dishonest but to speak with truth and love, in a holy and honourable way. A way that speaks of you, and does your name justice.)

Psweet 3 (v1-3)

‘Lord, I’m public enemy no.1-they’re all out to take me out. They think you’ve left me high&dry, but you’re the force field that surrounds me’

(Thought – If you bumped into David as he was beginning this psalm, he’d probably say ‘who are you?’ and give funny looks at your converse shoes and red thundercats t-shirt, he’d probably tell you duck down cos people are out to get his head on a silver platter…and then, soon as he knows the coast is clear and you start making small talk with the guy; you’ll say ‘Alright Dave, how’s it going?’

He probably won’t reply with ‘Oh yeah, life’s great – stuff’s just fine and dandy’…probably cos nobody really speaks like that anyway and cos he’ll probably look at you odd again and say ‘so who are you?’.

But after, going very far off the point, I’ll bring it back by saying that David’s being honest wih himself and God. I love the fact praying to God for him was like conversation…and honest conversation at that. He’s laying his odds down in front of God, they’re not looking great but he still manages to see the bigger picture, he still finds that hope. That God IS God. That God is protecting him and God is keeping David’s chin up (v3)

And so God helps David see, that despite how the situation seems; God hasn’t left him…Lord, help us realize you never leave us – however the situation seems, and help us see the hope you give, and that you are it.)


Psweet 4 (v1-3)

‘Guys, when’s it gonna stop? U embarrass me and show God jack all respect. You worship lower case gods but he’s the 1 with the caps lock.’

(Thought – I heard a podcast by Marc Driscoll who said that as humans, God created us to be ‘unceasing worshippers’ but if anything other than God is getting our attention; we’re worshipping idols…in David’s day it might have been shrine’s, mythology and Statues, today it’s more like food, sex, money and ourselves…Lord, forgive us when we don’t give you all we’ve got, forgive us when we worship lower case ‘gods’, and help us remember – that you’re the one with the caps lock.’)


Psweet 5 (v1-2)

‘Open your ear canal to my sentences Lord. Note down my sighs& anxieties, see my flare when I’m SOS. It’s your attention I’m after.’

(Thought – This is an incredibly simple thought…David wants God to listen…and guess what; he always does. He doesn’t sigh and think ‘Oh here we go, this one’s been banging on about this problem for months’, he doesn’t pretend that he hasn’t been receiving our prayers; because he does, he always does. …Lord, help us to remember that you’re always listening and that you love conversation with your children. Help us to always bring our prayer requests to you; And what better place to be, than to be like David in verse 3, starting the day with a good old chin wag with the Father. So help us lord, not to press the snooze button too often!!)


Psweet 6 (v1-4, 6)

‘God, go easy on me. Mend me cos I’m covered in cast &walking on crutches. My soul’s het up, emotionally I’m wrecked. Come back &pick me up’

(Thought – David knows he probably doesn’t deserve God’s mercy…and he doesn’t, Romans 3:23 reminds us that none of us really deserve anything from God, cos we just don’t make the cut…but David asks for it anyway. And if you think about it – God shows  us unlimited mercy; he goes easy on us by sending his son to take the rap for us on the cross.

But David tells God how he’s doing, and he’s not doing good. Wrecked top to bottom, emotionally and physically, nothing seems to be going his way. Maybe he’s not grinning cheek to cheek; but he still goes to the only place that can truely help…Lord help us turn to you, not just in the easy times but when life gets tough too. Save us becasue your love never fails.)


Psweet 7 (v1-5)

‘Lord;be my B&B when my tents battered. My enemies wanna end me, rip me to shreds&do a drive-by. But if I’ve had it coming; let it happen.’

 (Thought – Lord, help us to remember that you are our refuge…help us Lord not to be too proud to go it alone, and to try and do it in our own strength. Help us to gladly run to you for shelter. And when we do, I bet there’s a change of clothes and a brew of our favourite cuppa waiting).