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When I think of God I think of his compassion for us.

Not in a…

                 ‘airy fairy, God’s a lovey dovey and nothing else’

way, but in a…

                ‘perfect love which I don’t deserve that transcends all understanding’

kinda way.

We don’t get what we deserve…in the good sense!

This maybe one of the simplest things, but I feel is one of the most significant.

The more we realise we deserve nothing, the more we can grasp the beauty of what we have in God. The more we realise that without him, we’re done for, the more we grasp the level of his forgiveness that’s through the roof.

Christ died for us cos by our own measure – we were done for. But in him – we have freedom, in him – we’re made right. And we have to see this in the right way…not that we are mess, but that no matter how much we are mess – God loves us through and through.

This is compassion…

‘while we were still sinners, Christ died for us’…there it is.