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Ickle King of the crib

Posted: November 30, 2010 in poems
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Seeing as its Christmas I love to put pen to paper and find new ways of communicating our brilliant saviour to a world who are willing to listen (once a year in particular).

Here is the one I did last year, and its actually one of my favourites. Check it out…

The ickle King of the Crib

Let me tell you of the Ickle King of the Crib. 

The ickle King of the Crib

Was before

Before the offset set off

Before matter even mattered


He was the chief executive of Existence

He was the Architect who designed the plans for the Grand Canyon

And the Structural Engineer who made it happen within a week,

He even gave the planning permission.


The King of the crib

Became ickle, small and so vulnerable

He didn’t have enough strength in his neck muscles to hold his head up.

He became freckles, moles, beauty spots and earlobes.

The King of the Crib became human; fully.

But still King over creation; fully.



The king of the Crib

Lived and breathed so we can breath in new life

A fresh start,

A clean Etch-a-sketch


He was before

Is during

And will be ever after


Cos the ickle King in the crib

By the donkey

And the prezzies

With the Shepherds

And their tea-towels,

Was just the beginning.

Scene 1 on earth


The ickle King of the Crib grew up

He was complete compassion

Not just born into birth

But dedicated to death…and beyond.

His sufficient sacrifice sorted my sin

As the Saviour sought after my heart.



So the Ickle King of the Crib

Became King over death

King over my sin

King of my life

King Eternal.


Jesus, King of the Crib

Jesus, The King of my heart.