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¬†Some of you may already be aware of this. But if you are not; I’d love to fill you in. A friend of mine is running to be elected¬†for the Cardiff Central seat this coming election; and the campaign he’s heading up is called the ‘5 apples’ campaign.

By trade he’s an accountant, by night he figths crime (the latter is all specalation,¬†I saw a guy with a cape and those big padded muscle suits down mermaid quay – was it him or some guy out on the town…who knows?)

Now, I don’t want to misrepresent, so I’m gonna give my take on it as best I can. I just want to explain a little bit of what its about –¬†a summary/overview in a nutshell if you will.

Basically, the campaign is all based around ending extreme world poverty. Even though our country gives a certain percentage of our income to aid third world countries, along with countries in the west, its still not enough.¬†So many people in third world countires still do not have enough to survive – we’re not talking, they had to sell their i-phone on e-bay to¬†get the car fixed survive, or ‘lets put it on the credit card and we’ll pay it back next month’ survive.¬†We’re¬†talking¬†clean water, food¬†and basic medicine. So, there’s a shortfall, but what is it?

¬†Alun has figured out this shortfall to be something like 26.5 billion pounds, for fifteen years.¬†That’s barely money I understand, noel edmunds teases us with the quarter of a mill box on deal or no deal, Tarrant will take the¬†brain cells of pub quiz champions¬†for a ride, with the appetizing jackpot of a cool million. But 26.5 Billion…(now correct me if I’m wrong, I scraped through GCSE maths!),¬†but this¬†equates to tarrants jackpot 26 (and a half) thousand¬†times. It’s a lot – I bet when Alan Sugar plays Branson at poker, their ‘all in’ won’t be this much.

So, there’s a shortfall but that’s not the suprising thing, we all know there’s a shortfall.¬†The suprising thing to me¬†is what I discovered next, which is this; we can actaully do something about it. And here it is, I’ll let Alun explain this bit…

…’If we each agreed to give 5% of our income to help to save those who are
struggling for survival in the third world, we would raise ¬£26.6 billion per annum.’…

He also¬†simplifies¬†¬†it in apples; which I find quite helpful…(even though its cath that likes the fruit salads). If you have 100 apples and we all give 5 of our apples to third world countries, we can end extreme world poverty in 15 years.

And to quote one of my favourite films ‘Good Will Hunting’…(where matt damon’s in competition with this guy to get thisgirls number. Turns out he gets it and later on he finds the guy, asks him if he likes apples, the guy says ‘yeah’. Damon shows him the girls number and says) ‘How do ya like them apples?’

Now I know, there is going to be some big arguement about the risks it will have to our economy, and I’m not professing to being up on my¬†politics, but then there were concernes that the British Empire would suffer¬†when Willbaforce stood up and said ‘Guys, maybe this whole slave trade thing isn’t right.’

So, forget about our country for a second and look at yourself…out of 100 apples, would you give five away to end world poverty? A big challenge,¬†like I said…how do you like them apples?¬†The sacrificing 5 bit – thats a challenge right to the core, pips included.¬†The end result¬†though?¬†Now that’s a sweet taste in my mouth; ‘I like them apples.’

 How about you?

Check it out for yourself…