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When I say sweets, I bet the first item of confectionary which comes into your head is wine gums, either that or fruit pastels. And if I’m wrong, then no sweets for me.

But unfortunately, this post isn’t really about sweets at all – its not even about jelly babies or those lollypops you dip in a bag of lemon sherbet. This post is more of an introduction into a writing project of mine which I started working on over the summer, and ‘Psweets’ (spoken with a silent ‘p’) is what I’m deciding to call it. In a nutshell, ‘Psweets’ are psalm tweets.

I’ve been quite inspired by the challenge twitter gives in getting whatever you want to say down to 140 characters or less (including spaces). I’ve also been quite inspired by Gerard Kelly’s ‘twittergies‘ where he uses the twitter format to create personal liturgies.

And so over the summer I thought of a new project…tweeting psalms…one tweet for one psalm. Of course, I wouldn’t be able to fit a whole psalm into a tweet (I’m already looking forward to Psalm 119!) but I can take a couple of verses from it that stood out to me, I can try and catch the essence of the Psalm, and instead of cutting and pasting from bible gateway I thought I could try and re-word the psalms in my poetic conversational style.

Not only has it already been a challenge to me creatively, but it’s been fantastic going through the psalms and join the faith journey of highs and lows with the likes of King David. It’s spiritually edifying, but then its going to be because it’s meditating on God’s word.

It assures me that I don’t have to be a constant cloud number nine Christian where it’s a sin to be anything other than ecstatic and enthusiastic. It reminds me how in awe I should be of my heavenly Father, of how much love and grace he shows us, yet how we should not forget to fear him also. And along with these, it also re-jogs my memory of how it’s always been about a personal relationship with him, even before incarnate Jesus.

So that being said, my hope for these psalm tweets is not that they take over Scripture. I don’t profess to be a Hebrew Scholar like Eugene Peterson with ‘The Message’, but I have a heart to re-connect with God’s word and not get lost in translation. I don’t claim that these ‘psweets’ are ‘God’s word’, but I hope if anything, they help give snip bits and a fresh perspective on the psalms we’re reading. 

My plan of attack is to ‘psweet’ five days a week; Monday to Friday and then re-cap the ‘psweets’ on my blog over the weekend. To follow my ‘psweets’; click here

End gass – but begin ‘psweet’


Guys – This is something I wrote for a performance that never got used. I completely forgot about it, but happened to stumble across it the other day. It’s the Gospel through a toll bridge….

The Jesus Bridge

‘There’s one way to live by

And there’s one way to live for

Motorway to the Jesus bridge

The only way to the heavenly road.

But don’t fret,

You know you’re aloud over if you’ve got the right change or not

Cos the fee for the entry toll’s been crossed off,

and the money’s been paid in full.

As a welshman (a gassing hairy one), I’m very proud of my culture, heritage and passion that I’ve grown up with. Somehow, soon as we entered the world for the first time, we look around us and we don’t cry like other babies…we’re comforted by the picteresque hills that surround us. Our first words aren’t ‘Mammy’ or ‘Daddy’…they’re ‘alright butt?’

We’re born with a passion for our land…much to the point that it seems as if knowing our National Anthem is more important than any qualification we could ever get.

And with this in mind – one of the biggest things that unite as a nation – is international day with an oval shaped ball. Over the years, Ryan Giggs came close to winning over our hearts but just didn’t quite cut it – especially since our rugby skills grew from…

‘run forward and hope for the best’


‘exciting rugby’ reminiscent of the 70’s.

And I am one of many ‘boyo’s and butt’s – who love watching the welsh dragon fly high as we cross over the try line…(especially if its against the english!) But if only we blokes in the church could get as passionate about God as we did every time the six nations crop up, if only we got to know the living word as well as we know our top 15.

I do love my rugby, and this is not meant to put a dampner on our passion for it. I love it – its a big part of welsh identity and I do so hope we finally get our act together against the paddies and play for the full 80 minutes, as opposed to just turning up in the second half!

BUT; as blokes who attend church, who follow God, who seek to know him more – got as passionate about God as we did every time Shane goes over on the left wing; then who knows…maybe our walk with him would get just as exciting, if not more so. Just a thought.

End Gass.

Alright, alright you got me – its called the ‘sermon on the mount’. For what reason I don’t know – part from the fact Jesus gave a sermon on a mountain, I’m stuck on how its a relevant title. Quite frankly, I find it misleading…did he have a lecturn up there? was he using powerpoint? Na, i reckon his communication and storytelling skills would’ve held a crowds attention just fine without.

So ramble over Matthew 5: 17 Jesus says this…

I’m not here to jack in the law, I’m here to fulfill it.’

This was proper important for the Jews to get – there’s a big difference. God doesn’t back peddle, he doesn’t stick his hands up and say…’sorry, guys – it was me, I messed up…can we try again?!’ Why? Well, simply cos he doesn’t mess up – he knows what he’s doing.

So, when the Son of God (who is God in flesh) enters planet earth – he doesn’t come as a contradiciton, he comes as a fullfillment; not plan A – 10 commandments, plan B – Jesus…its all plan A.


‘he elaborates on the rules they claim to know so much about.’

 Matt 5: 21-22

1.  Don’t murder = don’t get angry

How huge is this? Making the comparison of murder and anger.

Now, sometimes I could murder a Hot Chocolate with whipped cream and hazlenut syrup…but I’d like to think i wouldn’t have it in me to murder someone…I’d feel like killing a conversation on somehting like extreme chess, I’d happily shoot clay pigeons on the wii, but guys killing someone? Who do you think I am here Stacey Slater?!

I wouldn’t…(so no need to sleep with one eye open tonight!) And, lets put this into context –

if I was one of the Jews munching away on some manna, what would I say when Moses comes down with 10 tablets?

 ‘cheers for the asprin Mos, my heads pounding’…maybe

But after the pain relief gag – I’d take a look at the 10 golden rules…look up Number 6 and think…

‘Yeah, even if I am forced to watch Eastenders, I reckon I can hold to that!’

But this is where Jesus shakes it up, where he fills in the gaps – its not just what we do large scale, Its what we do fullstop. If the motive’s there, its just as bad as the action. And getting angry, its just as much a sin as murder. I may not strike people as the most angry person, but I do have my moments. And from this – I think two things…

1) I’m challenged to not lose my rag (maybe I could invest in a stress ball?)


2) I am grateful that I’m made righteous through faith in him, cos if I’d be seeking to be sorted with God solely on the law, I’d be screwed!

What’s your thoughts?



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Its been a long time hasn’t it? Its been a pretty busy week – including Ignite on Sunday evening. Recently i’ve been experimenting with speaking poetry as part of worship. I’ve had the chance of doing this in ignite and feel it works. I’m very much on a journey with it – but its definately something i want to pursue further. Some people would say psalms are song, others poetry, I think its a cry from the heart, words from the soul, its a journal of thoughts and emotions. For me, its poetry. And i want to try and fuse it with communal sung worship.

I wrote a poem on Justice that we fused with the worship song ‘This is our God’.

Justice is something that’s really been on my heart over the last few months. There is going to be a day when justice is everywhere, no suffering, no sin, nothing but paradise with God. But until that day comes, he calls us to live for him. To change communities, and see God’s kingdom come. Shane Claiborne is inspirational on this stuff…but my constant challenge is, its not just writing the words, its living it out.

Anywho – if your up for it…here’s an extract from the poem


I want to be hooked on Justice

Who’s obsessed with self giving

A man who never goes cold turkey on faith

I wanna be hooked on justice

I wanna see a time when church loves to live

And lives to love

I don’t want to be comfortable

I wanna be gut wrenchingly on fire for God

To get laid out to self

And to be made up in Jesus

No longer comfortable

But immersed in his love and compassion

And never ending forgiveness.

To be led by the spirit

To be uncomfortable

He chooses me

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Note on poem

This is a poem i wrote all about God choosing us. Not because of our skill, or our attitude to life, or even for our ability to unpack the scriptures. He chooses us and only word can come close to describing it…grace. And this word…it humbles me.


He chooses me

 He chooses me

Handpicks me


I try and convince him it’s a wrong move

I’m not who you think I am

You’ve got the wrong guy.

There must’ve been a mix up with your heavenly filing system.


But he chooses me

Handpicks me

He selects me

He invests in me.


He chooses me

He knows me

And he gets me


And although he knows me

He doesn’t drop me

But he chooses me

Handpicks me

He selects me

And he invests in me


‘Na, there must be some mistake’

‘You got me confused with someone else’


But he chooses me

Handpicks me

He selects me

And although he knows me

He doesn’t drop me;


he invests in me


The world’s not about you

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This is basically what i reckon God would say to us, if he could just drop us an e-mail, send us a text or leave us a voicemail today.

Its based on the great commission, him calling us to be salt and light, and the greatest commandment.

Let me know what you think.