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Me waffling

Posted: January 7, 2010 in Videos
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About a year ago, myself and cath worked with a friend called Justin to put together short interviews along with a promo dvd of ‘Going Public Theatre Company’. This is my bit – first off…how long is my hair? Second off, for an actor and performer, i most certainly used the range of my voice didn’t i? Sure. I called this ‘me waffling’ cos…well i think you can put two and two together, but amidst the waffle, the stupid glasses and the david hasslehoff impression by the ice cream van – is a little bit of my heart – and for that reason, i wanted to post it up.

God the Bank man

Posted: January 5, 2010 in poems
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God’s like a bank manager – though when he lends you his grace, he doesn’t expect it back with interest. Believe it or not – he just wants to get you out of the red and into the black. He doesn’t wanna make a song and dance about it or take the credit, he just wants to wipe your debt and then some.

He wants to get all the paperwork, all the bill notes, all the ‘urgent’ ‘pay now’ correspondents and put them in the shredder. No, better than that – he wants to make the ultimate transfer – all the debt from your accounts, one balance transfer – one wired transaction into his – he’ll take all your debt off you and pay for it out of his own personal wallet. All you gotta do is call the meeting.

He doesn’t wanna ‘consolidate your loans’ – he wants to delete them so they don’t even show up on Equifax. He doesn’t use fancy words like ‘apr’, or ‘handling fees’. And he doesn’t force you into having a sole account with him, even if he knows he’s the only bank than can sort your sin-terest; he leaves it up to you – it’s your call.

He doesn’t notify you with a letter that says you went over the agreed forgiveness level.

 Why? Cos there is no overdraft for his forgiveness limit.

 God’s like a bank manager – though you can trust him, whatever the climate. If your love for him goes into recession, no difference – he’s still there. If you open up an account with him; he’s always there, and he’ll never terminate your soul bank account.


Posted: January 3, 2010 in poems
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One king

Although one servant


One law, although one fulfillment


One chance to change the course of history

One lifetime though one eternity


One Life

One Destiny


One Cross

One Death


One resurrection,

One true love and affection.


One life lived to perfection


One Ultimate sin correction

One Uncontainable love protection


One Ascension

The one and only

King…did I mention?