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Justice (long version, requested by Ed Hodge); – Back in February 2010, I posted a poem up on Justice. It was the beginning of a new year and at the time it was more like a new years resolution. Afterwards, Ignite were doing a theme on ‘Justice’ so I adapted it to be a poem in worship. With some tweaks here and there, this is the version. I hope you enjoy, but more so, I hope it inspires you to be souled out for big guy in the clouds…me included.


I want to be hooked on Justice

Who’s obsessed with selfless giving

A man who never goes cold turkey on faith


I wanna be hooked on justice

I wanna see a time when church loves to live

And lives to love


I don’t want to be comfortable

I wanna be gut wrenchingly on fire for God


To get laid out to self

And to be made up in Jesus


No longer comfortable

But immersed in his love and compassion

And never ending forgiveness.


To be led by the spirit

To be uncomfortable


Let us fight the western virus

Of self centred-ism,


No more self satisfaction

No more self serving

But more self gratification in serving others


I want to see justice

In this place, That place

And that place next to this place

In the place of my gripes where everything’s all about me.


More restoration

More loving thy neighbour

who ever they are.


Less being about the problem

And more being apart of the solution.


No more degrees of separation

Where others misfortunes are but a sigh in the 6 o clock news slot

Or a £5 direct debit to fix our conscience clot.


But more God

More of you

And less of us

More of you in us.


More God

More of you

And less of us

More of you in us

With us

And give us

your strength to do your will to see your kingdom come


Live in us

The centre of us

As we surrender us

to your authority.


More your kingdom come

More of hope

No, wait – more belief in the hope you have to offer

So more of your hope we filter to others


The hope that transforms lives

And saves souls


More of you

More of you

And less of us

Less of us – passing the buck onto you


But more

More of us

Living for more of you



Let people reside in you

Find their hope in you

Let them confide in and set aside time to the King of all Kings

Cos you deal with our sin

And major in forgiving.






My last blog update before the tour…you might have seen it on facebook or vimeo but here it is on the gassing hairy welshman!

A big thanks to the ignite techies for helping me put it together.

So here it is – MC Hope, pre election…Enjoy.

some of you may have heard me bang on about MC Hope, so for your viewing pleasure, here is the delegate of HOPE 2010…enjoy

See full size image

Hope, what is hope? The definition of Hope is as broad as a German bodybuilder…sorry, that’s not a good image is it! What I mean to say is Hope is so many different things to so many people. But in actual fact, there is only one true Hope – he was born in a stable and died on a cross.

But last week we tried to show people this one true hope via actions, this is how we did it.

A weekend of selfless giving –

      painting – walls, fences, tunnels and people

      washing off graffity, mowing old ladies lawns

      fun days, fun days, fun days…

With morning sessions full of Dai Hankey passion;

A whole weekend of techie’s servanthood

And guest speakers – Pilavchi, Hawthorne, Kate and Nigel…giving the good news and people getting to know the big man upstairs for the first time.

Filled full of worship for the King

with some creative poetry and rap bits

and MC Hope running for PM

Good times, good times indeed.