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Extract (Matt 5:27)

…Adultery‚Äôs not just sleeping with the neighbours wife, its thinking about what she‚Äôs like in bed




Ok, this is pretty heavy stuff for first thing in the morning isn’t it? But then, Jesus wasn’t one for tip-toeing around awkward bits of scripture. He didn’t think – ‘oh, i’d tell them this another time, don’t want to cause a fuss.’

It wasn’t all a popularity contest for him, what mattered most to him was (and still is) us, he cared enough to say it as it is – and if anyone down the line ever had the authority to say something, the son of God has to come in pole position for me.

Don’t get me wrong – I’m all for truth with love. Corinth 13 Paul talks about truth being a waste of time without it. We see when the pharisees try and corner Jesus with what to do about ‘the woman caught in adultery’. The law said stone her, he said – first ‘Alright then, whoever thinks he’s Mr. Perfect – throw it.’

But right now Jesus is focusing on the 10 commandments and what it really means to keep them. First we had murder – no problem for the vast majority of people, but don’t get angry? That’s a whole different kettle of fish.


So numero two…(there’s nothing like some span-glish is there?)

‘…Adultery‚Äôs not just sleeping with the neighbours wife, its thinking about what she‚Äôs like in bed.’

The first part – adultery. Can and will probably continue to be a temptation for guys in the church. Has and will continue to destroy people’s lives and cut off people’s trust…

a) in relationships


b) in a God that is for us.

Its an area where Satan knows he can tempt us to do some real damage.¬† Its so big infact, as adament Jesus was about Divorce being a black and white no go area, if adultery comes into the equation – Divorce becomes a viable option. God knows what its like for us to cheat on him, continuously with other Gods (I’m not talking about God catching¬†us have a starbucks with buddha here) he knows how it feels – it hurts.

But Jesus goes a step further to really make us think about how we keep rule number 7…and so with this in mind, short answer, if i’m honest with myself is I don’t. And to put ‘adultery’ and ‘perhaps letting your eyes linger on someone a little longer than you know you should’ even in the same ball park is really challenging and uncomfortable. David’s on a rooftop enjoying the view (maybe even with a glass of merlot?) but then he lets himself enjoy the view a little too much. And we all know what happens next; things spiral out of control – and from that, he finds himself braking half the rules all at once.

This is something as guys, as supposed men of God who have wifes, fiances¬†and¬†girlfriends (not all at¬†once)¬†– we need to get passionate about sorting. Why? Because we have a responsibility to¬†our women and to God.¬†If you’re reading this and you feel uncomfortable – good, (I’m glad i’m not the only one). But then, if you’re reading this and you know in your heart you’re sorted, that rule number 7 is a piece of cake; then good for you…even better.

Over and out; A Gassing Hariy Welshman

What’s your thoughts?


Alright, alright you got me – its called the ‘sermon on the mount’. For what reason I don’t know – part from the fact Jesus gave a sermon on a mountain, I’m stuck on how its a relevant title. Quite frankly, I find it misleading…did he have a lecturn up there? was he using powerpoint? Na, i reckon his communication and storytelling skills would’ve held a crowds attention just fine without.

So ramble over Matthew 5: 17 Jesus says this…

I’m not here to jack in the law, I’m here to fulfill it.’

This was proper important for the Jews to get – there’s a big difference. God doesn’t back peddle, he doesn’t stick his hands up and say…’sorry, guys – it was me, I messed up…can we try again?!’ Why? Well,¬†simply cos he doesn’t mess up – he knows what he’s doing.

So, when¬†the Son of God (who is God in flesh) enters planet earth – he doesn’t come as a contradiciton, he comes as a fullfillment; not plan A – 10 commandments, plan B – Jesus…its all plan A.


‘he¬†elaborates on the rules they claim to know so much about.’

 Matt 5: 21-22

1.  Don’t murder = don’t get angry

How huge is this? Making the comparison of murder and anger.

Now, sometimes I could murder a Hot Chocolate with whipped cream and hazlenut syrup…but I’d like to think i wouldn’t have it in me to murder someone…I’d feel like killing a conversation on somehting like¬†extreme chess, I’d happily shoot clay pigeons on the wii, but guys killing someone? Who do you think I am here Stacey Slater?!

I wouldn’t…(so no need to sleep with one eye open tonight!) And, lets put this into context –

if I was one of the Jews munching away on some manna, what would I say when Moses comes down with 10 tablets?

¬†‘cheers for the asprin Mos, my heads pounding’…maybe

But after the pain relief gag¬†– I’d take a look at the 10 golden rules…look up Number 6 and think…

‘Yeah,¬†even if I am forced to watch Eastenders, I reckon¬†I can hold to that!’

But this is where Jesus shakes it up, where he fills in the gaps – its not just what we do large scale, Its what we do fullstop.¬†If the motive’s there, its just as bad as the action. And getting angry, its just as much a sin as murder. I may not strike people as the most angry person, but I do have my moments. And from this – I think two things…

1) I’m challenged to not lose my rag (maybe I could invest in a stress ball?)


2) I am grateful that I’m made righteous through faith in him,¬†cos if I’d be seeking to be sorted with God solely on the law, I’d be screwed!

What’s your thoughts?



So, this is an intro to a series on Matthew I’m gonna be starting. I say a series – its basically gonna be extracts of Matthew that¬†I’m gonna¬†post up here and then maybe comment on too.

Just to give you a heads up – the version I’m gonna be putting up is my ‘modern re-working’ of Matthew. A creative adaptation, not an actual Translation. This first extract is loosley based on Matt 4:18, looking at Jesus’ disciples…but with¬†a bit of help from what we know elsewhere about Jesus team. First extract – check it out;


Jesus picks his team. He‚Äôs a rabbi, so who‚Äôs gonna be his apprentices? The one‚Äôs fresh out of bible college? Not quite ‚Äď a few fishermen and a couple of tax collectors.


I have big respect for people who’ve done the theology degree thing, so this is not me slating them – it just shows Jesus isn’t all about picking the best of the best…he goes against the norm…he picks the ordinary, you and me. This encourages me, cos it just goes to show that Jesus isn’t the football team captain picking all the best players first, he’s not about the standards we put on our selves to be ‘good enough’. Truth is, none of us are ‘good enough’ but in him and through his grace, we’re all ‘good enough’. Make sense?


If Jesus was picking the first members of his team round 2000 years later, what sort would be in it?

My thoughts…a couple of shelf stackers and a car clamper.

What you think?