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Paul in 3 minutes

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Ok, here’s the text for my Paul in 3 minutes. Unfortunately I haven’t had time to video it and post it on here properly but I thought I could at least chuck the text up here for those of you who haven’t seen it. This is A taster of the tentmaker – the life and journey of Paul in 3 minutes….when i perform it, its with visual aids but just think of crap drawings and use your imagination!


Paul’s journey in 3 minutes

Young Pharisee  Saul acts the coatrail as others stone Stephen for preaching Jesus as Messiah.

Stephen dies

Sauls chuffed

Church finds out, freaks and scatters.

Saul gets warrant to arrest all believers

Goes to DamascusBRIGHT LIGHT – Jesus shows up in audio, Paul’s blind, reaches Damascus gets healed and sees the light.

He preaches the same message he attacked – everyone’s baffled.

Jews hatch plan to kill him – escapes, reaches Jerusalem –

everyone’s baffled – till Barney takes him to the apostles and they decide its all kosher.

More assassination attempts – Saul lays low in hometown Tarsus.

Years later believers start popping up in Syria Antioch

Barney gets Saul, they see its all kosher – church gets called Christians.

Antioch send Paul and Barney to preach it, they do.

Mission 1

Sail to Cyprus, ‘Saul’ becomes ‘Paul’, in God makes a synic blind and converts a proconsul.

Next to churches in GalatiaIconium, Lystra, Debra and Antioch, the other one.

Some believe others cause a riot – Saul and Barney escape till the mob catch up with em and stone Paul. He survives – just and they re-trace their steps back through Galatia, then sail back to Antioch – the 1st one.

Next, hardcore Jews tell Gentiles they’re not real Christians till they been circumcised. Paul finds out and he’s tamping. Visits Jerusalem and along with Pete and James they get the message straightened out – righteous by faith, not rules.

They write a letter to Gentile churches with guidelines of how to live.

Paul travels posting letter

Paul and Barney have a right Paul, I mean Barney

Over his cousin – they part ways.

Paul and Silas meet Tim – part Jew, part Greek – joins Paul and gets the snip out of respect for the more traditionalists.

Mission 2

Next Macedonia – Paul converts businesswoman Lydia in Philippi,

Heal a slave girl – cause upheaval and get put behind bars.

BIG EARTHQUAKE – they’re free, Paul converts terrified guard.

Waves Roman passport and authorities apologise for ‘misunderstanding’

Next – travel to Thessolonica and Berea but with another riot they flee to Athens.

Paul debates with intellects,

Heads for Corinth and makes tents to pay the bills. Jews attempt to arrest Paul fails.

Mission Journey 3

Travels to Ephesus and makes John the Baptist fans, fans of Jesus.

Then – big riot in Amphitheatre; Paul’s ‘no idols’ message is turning away business – they’re not happy.

Paul avoids more assassination attempts, back to Greece, encouraging the church and down through Asia.

Paul resuscitates sleepy teenager

Says farewell To Ephesus and lands in Jerusalem.

Meets Phillip, then James.

Jews misread situation and beat Paul to a pulp for breaking the law,

his only saving grace is getting arrested.

Jews form alliance

‘no bread till Paul’s dead’

Paul escapes, just.

And fights his case before high priests – no decisions made so his case goes straight to the top – Caesar.

Paul heads for Rome and gets shipwrecked off the coast of Malta on the way.

Arrives in Rome and is put under house arrest with open visiting hours.

He preaches, teaches and writes epistles to churches.

He’s set free

Couple years later he’s back in prison – this time it ends with the death sentence.

Church continues to grow

And the rest as they say is church history.