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I just wanted to give you a heads up on what’s happening with Dai & Cath Woolridge/Going Public Theatre Company/Glenwood at present. I will hit the news to you in bullet point format for that extra kick of business like agenda…

  • If you’re not already aware most of my blogging/tweet time is spent up with #psweets, (psalm tweets; silent ‘p’) where I’m going through the psalms and tweeting one a day via twitter and re-capping on the blog over the weekend. I’m loving this at the minute and very much appreciate the positive responce. If you want you can follow me on twitter…


  • Next Imagine is on in Glenwood on the 16th October…it’s a creative conference hosting Gerard Kelly; the author of twittergies, poet, church leader and international speaker. Its going to be a great day expressing how we can be creative in the church; and so we’re not ‘all mouth, no trousers’; we’ll also be showcasing some ‘creativity’ in the evening. This will include  me performing my latest show ‘The Tentmaker’; (also known as ”The Campmaker’… ‘The Tentfitter’…’and ‘The guy who puts up a gazebo for a living’). For more info click here


  • ThenCath will be launching her second album in the Gate on 10th December ; an album of welsh hymns revamped…its gonna be ‘gwych!’


  • And not forgetting – January and Febraury; Cath and I will be touring; she will be taking her album on the road and I will be RE-touring ‘The Tentmaker’. If you’re interested in having us, get in touch now!

That’s me out;

Cheers – ‘The Gasser’

Ok, here it is. My story of the tentmaker tour…its gonna be big, published and sold to waterstones with booksignings and security. Not just a pretentious title that screams…celeb autobiography, I’m thinking a posing picture of me next to a tent….there’s a storm but my face screams ‘vogue cover model’ as despite the wind and rain, my hair still looks magnificent!!

Then! An Action shot to show off my superhuman skill of oozing energy none stop!! How about…

hmm…perhaps not that one…yeah, I’ll try find something a little less, well sleepy.

Then, I’m thinking something that draws people in, something that gets people’s attention… ‘during the tentmaker tour, Cath got pregnant!‘…hmm – but something thats not a big phat lie.

How about Paul the apostle, myself and the storyteller got in a fight…or in one venue we forgot the connectors that held the set together!! (yeah, like we’d ever do that…..)

OR how about ten things I learnt from a show about ‘the tentmaker’ Yes…I’ll do that.

1. Never trust a satsuma (Perhaps not the most relevant of points)

2. Always remember your set

3. Never trust a satsuma (I know I’ve said it before but its important)

4. Bring deodrant, anti persperent and any other ‘rant’ or ‘roll on’, as on stage for an hour with bright lights can get quite sweaty.

5. Eat less lasagne before the tour (as on tour you’ll have plenty!)

6. When driving a diesel van…don’t fill it with unleaded petrol (not that I did this mind, what you take me? An idiot!?…..awkward pause)

7. Take a camel on tour…suprisignly the more you strain your voice, the less voice you have left…I know, who would have thought? But still, if I had to do it again I’d hijack a camel for access to water…I’ll drink him dry and give him the hump.

8. Warn audience of disturbing images….one time I lifted my shirt up; perhaps advance warning for the more queezy of audience members would have been good.

9. Adlibbing is fun…but be prepared to be heckled by pantomime fanatics!

10. Last but most certainly not least…Paul the Apostle is a man of incredible faith, but a man noneoftheless. A man who has changed the way I see the Gospel and the new testament. A man who inspires me and challenges me, that if only I was half as souled out as he was for God’s message…how much more God could work through my life.

End Rant.


Ok, I maybe on tour but maybe the tent bit is a little misleading. I don’t go and perform a show then build a campfire outside the venue and tell scary passages of scripture whilst shining a torch in my face. (And besides, that only happened once and when the police arrived they were very understanding). No, not whatsoever. I don’t hike from venue to venue, I have not got a mallet in my pocket and my tent erecting skills are ropey at best…heck, I don’t even have a compass, and if I did – what use is it to me? It doesn’t tell me how far it is to the next McDonalds and it doesn’t pull funny faces.

No, but you probably would have guessed by now, the tent bit of the title refers to my recent one man show; ‘the tentmaker’…and the ‘me made part’, being that I wrote it. Having said this, I most certainly can not take all the credit…a lot of hard work has been grafted by others, who’s help has been essential.


Name: Mr Steve Stickley

Tent Job: Director

Age: Classified information (I would not like to be beaten with rods)

Special skill: Great wit and Has surname ‘Stickley’ which provided great amusement with a set of cane sticks. 

Other notes: Steve came up with the ingenious idea of using a set of cane sticks to represent every scenario…who structured me and challenged me to write and be as good as I can be. Without this guy, the tentmaker would not have gone from page to stage!


Name: Paul Lewzey

Tent Job: Co techie; visuals

Age: 22, although has lived the life of ten 22 year olds!

Special skill: Can kill a boar from a mile away using only his upper lip

Other notes: Enjoys a pint of assum tea (I like to say assum as the americans say… ‘awesome!!’ I know, how wild is that!?) and can pretty much to anything he puts his mind to.

Paul Lewzey has got a knack (along with other techies at ignite) to make concepts in a creative persons head a reality. Everything I have thrown at him, he has taken as an opportunity to achieve and sees it as good experience for the CV. Bar some incredible art done by someone who for this moment in time shall remain nameless, Paul designed all the visuals; which are a big part of the show. This man is most certainly a pint of ‘assum!!’


Name: Steve Gardiner

Tent Job: Techie; audio

Age: A recent 34!

Special Skill: The man who makes Glenwood tick over. (In Colossians Paul talks about God ‘Only in him can all existence keep existing…although I don’t for a minute compare him to God; Steve, only with him can Glenwood and Going Public keep Going Public and Glenwood-ing!) On the road or in the office, a west country boy at heart very much appreciated for all he does.

Other notes: Give him a saw, a vice and some sticky back plastic and he can fix anything! (Last tuesday he made me a state of the art pair of night vision goggles using only bluetac…ok maybe he didn’t, but I bet he could if he wanted to!)


Name: Benny K

Tent Job: Music man

Special Skill: Looking good every minute of every day, oh and he’s bit of a dab hand at music too.

Other notes: Benny K (if anyone wants to know what K stands for…let me know, 10 or more requests and I’ll let you know!) is an incredible musciain (did I spell musciain right?) and he provided the music sound tracks for the show…again, an absolute beast for whom I am very grateful.

So, here’s a little shoutout as without these guys, the tentmaker won’t be currently touring. This along with the constant love and support from my dear Catherine, close friends and family, admin expertise of Ami Tatt, Figo Connector finder Gareth Knowles, Publicity design of David Potter esq and GP bosses Ali and Paul have been invaluable.

Anyway; three down and 6 more to go…this week we set sail over the borders to the Gentiles! Tonight Hereford, tomorrow night – Devon.

See you on the other side;

A gassing hairy welshman.

Paul in 3 minutes

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Ok, here’s the text for my Paul in 3 minutes. Unfortunately I haven’t had time to video it and post it on here properly but I thought I could at least chuck the text up here for those of you who haven’t seen it. This is A taster of the tentmaker – the life and journey of Paul in 3 minutes….when i perform it, its with visual aids but just think of crap drawings and use your imagination!


Paul’s journey in 3 minutes

Young Pharisee  Saul acts the coatrail as others stone Stephen for preaching Jesus as Messiah.

Stephen dies

Sauls chuffed

Church finds out, freaks and scatters.

Saul gets warrant to arrest all believers

Goes to DamascusBRIGHT LIGHT – Jesus shows up in audio, Paul’s blind, reaches Damascus gets healed and sees the light.

He preaches the same message he attacked – everyone’s baffled.

Jews hatch plan to kill him – escapes, reaches Jerusalem –

everyone’s baffled – till Barney takes him to the apostles and they decide its all kosher.

More assassination attempts – Saul lays low in hometown Tarsus.

Years later believers start popping up in Syria Antioch

Barney gets Saul, they see its all kosher – church gets called Christians.

Antioch send Paul and Barney to preach it, they do.

Mission 1

Sail to Cyprus, ‘Saul’ becomes ‘Paul’, in God makes a synic blind and converts a proconsul.

Next to churches in GalatiaIconium, Lystra, Debra and Antioch, the other one.

Some believe others cause a riot – Saul and Barney escape till the mob catch up with em and stone Paul. He survives – just and they re-trace their steps back through Galatia, then sail back to Antioch – the 1st one.

Next, hardcore Jews tell Gentiles they’re not real Christians till they been circumcised. Paul finds out and he’s tamping. Visits Jerusalem and along with Pete and James they get the message straightened out – righteous by faith, not rules.

They write a letter to Gentile churches with guidelines of how to live.

Paul travels posting letter

Paul and Barney have a right Paul, I mean Barney

Over his cousin – they part ways.

Paul and Silas meet Tim – part Jew, part Greek – joins Paul and gets the snip out of respect for the more traditionalists.

Mission 2

Next Macedonia – Paul converts businesswoman Lydia in Philippi,

Heal a slave girl – cause upheaval and get put behind bars.

BIG EARTHQUAKE – they’re free, Paul converts terrified guard.

Waves Roman passport and authorities apologise for ‘misunderstanding’

Next – travel to Thessolonica and Berea but with another riot they flee to Athens.

Paul debates with intellects,

Heads for Corinth and makes tents to pay the bills. Jews attempt to arrest Paul fails.

Mission Journey 3

Travels to Ephesus and makes John the Baptist fans, fans of Jesus.

Then – big riot in Amphitheatre; Paul’s ‘no idols’ message is turning away business – they’re not happy.

Paul avoids more assassination attempts, back to Greece, encouraging the church and down through Asia.

Paul resuscitates sleepy teenager

Says farewell To Ephesus and lands in Jerusalem.

Meets Phillip, then James.

Jews misread situation and beat Paul to a pulp for breaking the law,

his only saving grace is getting arrested.

Jews form alliance

‘no bread till Paul’s dead’

Paul escapes, just.

And fights his case before high priests – no decisions made so his case goes straight to the top – Caesar.

Paul heads for Rome and gets shipwrecked off the coast of Malta on the way.

Arrives in Rome and is put under house arrest with open visiting hours.

He preaches, teaches and writes epistles to churches.

He’s set free

Couple years later he’s back in prison – this time it ends with the death sentence.

Church continues to grow

And the rest as they say is church history.